System of operation

The National Academy of Handball (NEKA) operates within the framework of the Hungarian Handball Talent Development Foundation. Its headquarters are in Balatonboglár, its managing director is Tamás Mocsai, and it is supervised by the foundation's board of trustees.

The primary goal of NEKA is to serve the talent development of the sport in Hungary, while at the same time keeping in mind and supporting the full personality development and education of children studying and playing sports within the academy. Children are admitted to the academy through a selection system based on strict professional principles. Students will be enrolled at the earliest at the age of 12-13, but they may join the institution at an older age, even upon receiving an invitation earned through their athletic performance and talent. In residential education, the aim is to coordinate training and school studies. In order to meet the school requirements, NEKA has entered into a cooperation agreement with partner schools. Based on this, we have developed a curriculum and school attendance obligation that facilitates training and competition, while also providing enough time for studies. The children take part in various competitions by age groups playing in NEKA colours, and they also receive dormitory benefits in connection with their school status and may also be awarded a scholarship for their studies by submitting applications for tenders. The professional training programme of the Academy is carried out with great responsibility: the coaches of the teams are assisted by fitness trainers, physiotherapists, masseurs, and the meals three times a day are prepared according to the principles of nutrition science. Students of NEKA receive thorough care for 24 hours a day and their injury rehabilitation takes place on site.