NEKA Facilities

The main facility complex of the National Academy of Handball, the residential village, is located directly on the shores of Lake Balaton. In the 2.5-hectare park there are dormitory buildings, hotel and the offices wing, restaurant with own kitchen, building, which includes the conference centre and the rehabilitation unit, as well as the recreation and relaxation area. The 3,500-square-metre Sports Hall in only a few minute walk away and next to it there are several possibilities for outdoor sports too.

Value, consciousness, philosophy - NEKA is more...

The National Academy of Handball (NEKA) is not just a development academy for the sport, but a complex system that can be adapted to any other sport. It combines a whole-person education and elite athlete training model with an innovative sports science background, prevention, rehabilitation and health services. Performing all this with an infrastructure that meets all needs, and which can be excellently sold to other sectors – not just sports.