Diagnostic centre

In elite sports skills development and the objective measurement of sportsmen’s and sportswomen’s performance have a huge role. The Diagnostic Centre will be a perfect basis of these acts. The new building, which has a 1212 squaremeters area, has been used since December 2021 by the sports scientists and the handball players of NEKA, moreover, partnerclubs, sports associations and national teams. The 400 squaremeters conditioning and power generation room without inner pillars can result more flexible usability.
The Speed Court system takes place here, which is a special floor cover equipped with sensors. It is suitable for implementing and analysing different moving exercises. In the separated lecture hall, there is a conference room with forty seats. The running aisle with four courts gets natural light and ventilation because of its skylights, furthermore, a warm up space with artificial grass belongs to it. In the regeneration room there are twenty-one Normatecs and twen ty-thirty antigravitation seats. This kind of room can solve the regenera tion of a whole team. In addition to all of this, there are two dressing rooms for twenty-twenty people and four operating rooms.