After years of preparatory activities, the National Academy of Handball started its work on July 28, 2013 in Balatonboglár.
The idea of establishing an academy is associated with prof. dr. h. c. Lajos Mocsai, who, based on his commitment to the sport, envisioned a systematically structured training system that also included sports sciences. According to the concept of the Director General of Sports and Sports Science, the work of the academy has been placed on three pillars - professional work grounded in international sports science, the highest level of competition and personality development - by the professionals involved in educational work.

The institution meets a series of criteria, which allows us to talk about academic education. The components of this system are, above all, the boarding school, the amount of time available that can be devoted to work, the systematic planning of pre-school and after-school training programs, and the opportunities for high-level competition combined with excellent pedagogics and significant personality development.
In team sports academies such as NEKA, individual training plans and elaborate age-specific training plans must be vertically linked, recorded by professionals in reliable educational and training material.
Over the years, not only has the methodology of preparation become more sophisticated, but the infrastructure of the academy has also evolved considerably.
Today, the NEKA complex includes a modern sports hall that meets all needs and a residential village directly on the shore of Lake Balaton.

It has dormitory buildings, a restaurant with its own kitchen, a conference and rehabilitation building and a recreational area.
This infrastructure made it possible for NEKA to expand its area of activities, which was centred on talent development, to also welcome domestic and foreign teams and national teams as well who have chosen Balatonboglár as their venue for preparation.
Of course, the focus is still on academic work: our boy and girl students compete in the U16/U15 and the youth championships, but we also play with teams of youngsters in the adult second national division (NB I / B).
Our students are regularly featured in national teams of all age groups, and in Petra Vámos, the first player educated by NEKA made her Women’s World Championship debut at the end of 2019.

Let's educate the athletes
of the future together,
and build a future
from the heart!


The National Academy of Handball aims to play a leading role in talent development in Hungary and set as its goal to use a sophisticated education structure based on synergies.
This requires an understanding of our national characteristics, the integration of modern achievements of the time, and the preparation and education of future generations in this spirit.
Perhaps unique in the world is the core of the concept, which is that the main goal, starting from selection through to training, by the means of tracking progress, to the application of strategic and technological systems, is the process of quality education.

At the same time, competitive activity and efficiency are the cornerstones of our development concept.
The supportive attitude of the parents, the co-operation of our outstanding talented coaches and staff, the dedication and uninterrupted motivation of the young people made it possible for the development to be realized faster than expected in recent years.
It is also extremely important for us to provide the professional and technical conditions necessary for school preparation, including dealing and working with talented students or those in need.
We do not want to overlook the development of general literacy, the encouragement to spend leisure time in a useful way as well as the responsibility in the education of talents in the sport of handball.