A conference held for methodological centres in Balatonboglár

2021. June 08, Tuesday 18:59 | Scientific background

A conference on handball-specific methodological centres has been held at NEKA, attended by management members and experts from the Handball Sports Academies. In addition to coordination activities of various stakeholders, the programme included practical demonstrations as well.

During the section meeting of the sports managers, the focus was on academic competition. The participants discussed cooperation activities coordinated by the Hungarian Handball Federation (MKSZ) with István Juhász, Director of the sports academy centre of MKSZ.


The members of the coaching expert group watched the training presentation held by László Sótonyi, Head of Men's Teams of NEKA. The tasks illustrated how to learn the 6:0 and 5:1 defence variations, as well as basic exercises in attack, with the involvement of the players of the second division (NB I/B) team.

The demonstration in practice of the test battery specified by the academies took place under the leadership of the Sports Sciences and Health Group of NEKA. As Gergely Langmár, group lead, said, based on the data of uniformly defined and conducted surveys, the development of an athlete at each academy can be accurately monitored.

„At the demonstration, with the help of NEKA students, among other things, physiotherapist tests, manual tests, FMS, i.e. functional movement screen (movement pattern filtering), 20-metre sprint running, change of direction running speed measurement, aerobic endurance testing, shooting speed, rotation and power surveys took place. Currently,our main task is to develop a uniform protocol and measurement methodology.”



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