2019. December 03, Tuesday 14:26 | Rehabilitation

Fanny Stollár, a Hungarian national champion and a junior Wimbledon champion tennis player is having preparation sessions at the National Academy of Handball for her next tournaments.

The no. 91 player in the doubles world rankings has been suffering from back pain since the summer, which hinders her in her sport activities, so the problem area is being handled by NEKA experts at the well-equipped rehabilitation center in Balatonboglár.

As the 21-year-old talent Fanny Stollár explained, her back problems started in July, and have become worse in recent months.

After the matches I felt that my back was so stiff that I could barely move. This is probably related to the uneven muscle buildup of tennis players, as I compensate between the strong and the weak side. Now I have some time to find a solution, since I was forced to cancel next week's Dubai tournament and I am afraid that even January will have to be sacrificed for this recovery, there is a question mark about my participation at the Australian Open as well. After a couple of times, it's too early to say anything, the conditions at NEKA are ideal, but the results of the treatment are expected to take months. My spine and vertebrae may not be a problem, though it will be Wednesday's MRI to show us precisely. Probably the weaker muscles on the left side need to be strengthened” – said Fanny Stollár.

In October, Virág Nagy, a physiotherapist working with her assessed the condition of the tennis player and then worked with Fanny on laser and magnetotherapy treatments, mobilization and strengthening exercises.

„As for now, we're examining the differences in muscle strength, looking at where imbalances are to be found, and working on those. The dorsal spine is quite stiff, with a visible tennis-specific asymmetry, so we have to work on that in the future. Fanny is a truly professional athlete, extremely dedicated, hardworking, it is easy to work with her” – has Virág Nagy summarised the process of rehabilitation.

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