Elite court tests and surveys

2019. September 30, Monday 18:06 | Tests


Professionals surveyed young talents participating in the Elite Program launched by the Hungarian Handball Federation on the last day of September at the NEKA Sports Hall.The top 15 boys and 15 girls in the country have completed specific court tests and performed skills exam exercises.


This time again the tests were conducted by NEKA fitness experts under the guidance of János Hajdu, manager of the women’s section and János Gyurka, manager of the men’s section of the programme.The surveys are conducted in September and May each year, under the same conditions that allow standard values ​​to be determined and the performance of handball players to be monitored on an ongoing basis.

Players’ normative test results are compared with their own historical data and knowing those a personal development plan for them can be elaborated.

„The area which we find weak must be improved, where good values ​​have been created, shall be retained. Just as before, the programme included sprint running, boomerang, agility test, bench press or body core strength measurements, but we measured the youngsters’ thigh flexion strength, their shooting power, change of direction, dynamics and explosiveness, too.Goalkeepers received position-specific tasks ranging from reflex wall exercises to dynamic leg strength checks to hip looseness measurements. These physical tests, combined with the results of laboratory tests performed by the University of Physical Education, from time to time provide a complex picture about the players” – told János Hajdu, manager of the women’s section of the Elite Program, our homepage.

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