In full swing

2020. August 03, Monday 07:33 | International training centre

During the period of the pandemic, despite the way it looked to the outside, showing a dormant condition, there had been continuous work done at NEKA. But in fact, it was in July, when the Boglár organization reached full speed. The events are now focused around three important topics, which are summarized by general manager Tamás Mocsai.

       1. Opening the year as required by the situation

“Our players had to train without balls for a long time, so when the kids started again in small groups, the coaches found it good for the start of preparations to be about ten days earlier than usual. After the necessary medical examinations, the dormitory rooms were filled again on July 20, the students of the academy returned, and the newcomers joined. And while we could not hold our year-opening celebration, which was always an important starting point, we were prepared for something else. We conducted the dormitory return at different times for the various age groups, and we held meetings for parents where all professionals were present, from coaches to therapists to dormitory educators, who work with the players of that particular team during the season. Before the trainings, my colleagues did the physical surveys and started work with the results in mind.”

       2. Everyone is welcome at the training centre

“One of our important goals for NEKA, as an international training centre, is to operate at the best possible capacity utilization rate. We are open to everyone, we can provide the right conditions for any team, as well for top teams as national teams, or be it a lower division or an amateur handball club, a competitor or organization of another sport. Therefore, we hold a regional volleyball congress, a children's camp, host the preparation of Győr and Debrecen from the best Hungarian women's teams, we conducted a survey for the girls of Győr and the male players of the Veszprém KKFT (newly promoted into the first division, NB I), but we also await business companies to call us, whether it is about team building events, medical or health check sessions, or rehabilitation.”


              3. Engagement in the top division

“The fact that, according to the agreement with Szent István SE, the team playing in the first division (NB I) is practically based on NEKA resources is important to us in two ways. On the one hand, most of our players and coaches were not deprived of progress due to the cancellation of the championship in the spring. On the other hand, the members of the junior and youth national teams form the backbone of this young team, and by training and playing together continuously, Hungarian handball can also benefit from being trained in the top division. We wanted “NEKA” to appear in the name of the team, reflecting the collaboration, but this was not approved in the end, so the team will start in the first division championships (NB I) by the name of Boglári  Akadémia – SZISE. The preparations are in full swing in Boglár, and we are confident that the girls will be able to realize their potential.”

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