Lectures in Eger

2019. September 24, Tuesday 17:54 | Rehabilitation

Bernadett Szalay, physiotherapist of NEKA gave two lectures at the congress of the Hungarian Society of Physiotherapists in Eger.

The event ran with the slogan Generations meeting for the renewal of physiotherapy, and our young expert took part in the programme of the section about rheumatology and sport rehabilitation.


Her lecture titled Examination and treatment of cervical complaints with the Terrier technique focused on frequent cervical spine complaints and triggers associated with today's sedentary lifestyle.

While in her presentation titled From the LCA injury to the first match, she presented the rehabilitation and return to doing sports of a football player and a handball player following LCA reconstruction surgery.

“These lectures have been heard at other conferences before, and fortunately the feedback in Eger was again very good. For the first topic, I used my research at the Szent András Reumakórház (St. Andrew's Rheumatic Hospital) in Hévíz, and I prepared the case studies for the cross-ligament replacement surgeries as a physiotherapist and sports rehabilitation coach at Hévíz SK. I started my job at NEKA a few weeks ago, I feel really good because new tasks and new challenges await me here” – said Bernadett Szalay for our homepage.

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