Load of newcomers

2019. September 19, Thursday 17:51 | Tests

New students coming to the academy have to adapt to the bigger workload and that means a serious task for them.

They are assisted by coaches and physiotherapists, but they also are in need of therapeutic help.


„For many young players the amount of training has doubled itself, and the intensity has also been increased. This means more pressure for both their muscles and joints, causes more fatigue than before. It is crucial to stick to the time planned for regeneration and sleep in such situations, and follow a diet defined by professionals.

Our job is to accelerate the process returning to normal state when somebody is visibly tired or is in pain. A massage therapy can foster the regeneration of the muscles while with shock wave or magnetotherapy equipment we can boost vitality.

Obviously, prevention is important, too, and to this end group sessions are led by physiotherapists where proprioceptive exercises are emphasized. Experienced players can lead by example showing the use of cylinders, since with this massaging device the entire body can be revitalized by using the athlete’s own weight” – said György Seck, therapist of NEKA.

Many of our newcomers participated in summer camps, and in their opinion, it did help them in the first weeks.

„Last year already I took part in training camps, and this way my transition was simpler! In most of the trainings we do better, but by the end of them fatigue shows. I think that we will have a strong, running team. Usually we finish the sessions in the evening, so we have less time to rest, but yet we try our best to pay attention to good regeneration” – words of Roland Terjék, member of the U16 team of NEKA, about his own experience.

Lea Faragó, U15 player:„For me, the increased number of trainings and the variedness of those compared to my previous team meant a big change. Personally, I did not have much of a problem to get used to the extra workload, but whenever I can, I try to rest so that I can present myself in best shape the coming day”.

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