Preparing for the Olympic Games at NEKA

2021. May 20, Thursday 19:00 | International training centre

The Hungarian men's sabre team preparing for the Tokyo Olympic Games will hold a training camp at the National Academy of Handball (NEKA) in Balatonboglár this week. One of the courts in the NEKA Sports Hall was transformed completely into a fencing facility, so the members of the squad, managed by national team head coach András Decsi, could practice in ideal conditions, breaking away a bit from the usual environment of the capital city.

Thanks to the beautiful traditions of fencing and the Olympic success stories of the past, everyone has high hopes for the results of the Hungarian sabre fencers in Tokyo. This is a pleasant burden for the Olympic sabre national team consisting of Áron Szilágyi, András Szatmári, Tamás Decsi and Csanád Gémesi, since, as head coach András Decsi put it, the competitors have their own expectations of themselves that they want to meet.

“We actually turned into the final phase now. We started preparations in the beginning of May, in the first days the emphasis was on tuning in, then we jumped into the actual activities, while now in Balatonboglár this week is clearly dominated by direct fencing work. We managed to choose a great venue, the boys are also satisfied, as the conditions are all there for working free of stress, and the change in the environment also breaks the monotony of the trainings” – said head coach András Decsi.

The two-time Olympic champion Áron Szilágyi also spoke about their chances at the Olympics and his own goals.

“The Olympic Games are always – among other factors – about excluding external circumstances. Ten thousand athletes locked in one place are preparing for the competitions, there are a lot of followers on the spot or on TV, we give a lot of interviews, plus there is the situation due to the Covid pandemic. It is not easy, but we must deal with it. I am just focusing on my own events there, and the goal is to be in the best possible condition when I step on the piste.We have goals, I want to fight in Tokyo in a focused and conscious way, but at the same time I know that without a medal I would no longer be satisfied either individually or in the team competition” – said Áron Szilágyi about his expectations.


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