Tests for Dabas youth players

2019. November 13, Wednesday 21:43 | Tests

Members of the Dabasi KC VSE men's youth team took part in series of physical and condition surveys at the National Academy of Handball.

For many years, NEKA has had excellent contacts with the club from Pest county through its partnership programme, and as part of that with the help of our experts, important data can be obtained about young athletes.


Members of the NEKA Health Care and Sports Science Group have performed sports diagnostic measurements of 15 young players from Dabas, which include, for example, recording the values of standing and gait analysis, ankle mobility, torso strength, vertical jumps, and hamstring muscle power. In addition, the programme included stamina and speed measurements, which provide a comprehensive view about a handball player in question.

As Ákos Volcz, head coach of the team put it, they get extremely useful and interesting data about the young players that can be used in individual training.

“We have been here a few weeks ago for a similar survey with the kids playing handball at the Gyömrő Academy. We had received the data from those sessions, and I can say that we have received very detailed and informative evaluations on everyone. With the help of our physiotherapist, we are trying to incorporate this information into the development plan, and of course, the same will also be the case with Dabas youth players” – said Ákos Volcz.

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