The conference ended up efficiently

2021. September 17, Friday 20:08 | Scientific background

The 4th Conference of Sports and Innovation came to an end on the 17th of September. The visitors could see a roundtable – which was about sports diplomacy and its new opportunities – with a famous Hungarian swimmer and a radio and TV presenter.

On the other roundtable the participants discussed the Innovative training methodology. Beside these there were many workshops today as well, their topics were psychology, sports competitions, teamsports and recreation.

At the end of the day some ending discussions and speeches could have been listened. After that, everybody had the chance of going to a tour by bike or walk.

All in all, the 4th Conference of Sports and Innovation was really successful on the University of Physical Education and the National Academy of Handball. People were satisfied with all the interesting programmes and left the places with kind thoughts.


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