2019. December 17, Tuesday 15:08 | Education

NEKA has been a venue of the European seminar held by the French Handball Federation.

During the four-day training course for the elite coaches of the women section, the French guests spent two days in Balatonboglár.

After the arrival, our guests got acquainted with the state-of-the-art facilities of the National Academy of Handball as well as the Lake Balaton shore surroundings, followed by a full-day seminar, marking the continuation of the intensive schedule. First up, it included a presentation by András László Szabó, the leader of the Health and Sports Sciences Group, who introduced the scientific and rehabilitation unit of NEKA and its available services in French language. Further on, master coach János Hajdu, Head of Sports Department at the Academy presented the Elite programme of the Hungarian Handball Federation. The morning lectures were followed by a roundtable discussion.

In the second part, dr. Zoltán Marczinka, Director of the International Coach Training Centre of the Hungarian Handball Federation held a lecture, which was followed by a presentation of the Managing Director of NEKA, Tamás Mocsai, who explained the operations and the structure of the organisation as well as the achievements of talent development.

As the Four Nations Tournament for youth is being held in Balatonboglár, after the lectures in the afternoon, the French relaxed by watching two handball matches. They could even cheer for their own team of young hopefuls during their match against Germany.

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