„We can cooperate efficiently”

The professional day on the 28th of March was another huge success of the Handball-specific Methodology Centre. In the event not only did the sports experts of NEKA take part, but the state-supported...

2 years ago | Education

Teamwork and integrated training

The NEKA Professional Day, organised for the second time, featured lecturers who presented topics that play an important role in the training of coaches as well as in talent development.

4 years ago | Education

A diverse professional day

Interesting theoretical and practical lectures, which can be used in everyday handball and PE education, were waiting for the teachers participating in the NEKA Lurkó (“Elf”) programme on the...

4 years ago | Education


NEKA has been a venue of the European seminar held by the French Handball Federation.

4 years ago | Education

Fitness in focus

Launched for the second time by the Hungarian Handball Federation - International Training Centre, the students of the Fitness Coach Course attend theoretical and practical lectures during their study...

4 years ago | Education

NEKA professional day: injuries seen through the doctor’s eyes

More than 150 experts have indicated their intention to participate in the first open professional day organized by the National Academy of Handball (NEKA) on 11 November in Balatonboglár.

4 years ago | Education

NEKA professional day: preventive performance enhancement

The National Academy of Handball (NEKA) is dedicated to the development of the sport, which is why it is organizing its first open professional day on November 11 in Balatonboglár.

4 years ago | Education

NEKA Professional Day

Interesting and innovative programs await the participants at the first NEKA Professional Day on 11 November 2019 in Balatonboglár.

4 years ago | Education

Education and experience-centered learning

The academic year has started with an opening meeting involving the teachers of the NEKA Elf Programme (“NEKA Lurkóprogram”).

4 years ago | Education

EHF Course in Balatonboglár

The European Handball Federation held its referee and delegate course between 25 and 29 May in Balatonboglár.

5 years ago | Education