Teamwork and integrated training

2020. February 27, Thursday 08:33 | Education

The NEKA Professional Day, organised for the second time, featured lecturers who presented topics that play an important role in the training of coaches as well as in talent development.

Challenges in coaching, a report by the staff of successful younger age group national teams, and an analysis of the plays of one of the best women's handball players, Anna Vyakhireva, raised interesting questions that emerged during the closing roundtable discussion session of the event. Among the high number of participants many could be welcomed for the second time after having attended the previous professional day as well. The interesting topics and the informative presentations have attracted the attention of professionals from many clubs throughout the country.

The Rector of the University of Physical Education, Prof. dr. h. c. Lajos Mocsai titled his presentation “Challenges of coaching – Success lies in the details”, which opened the programme. In addition to theoretical knowledge, practical examples also supported the presentation of the most successful Hungarian handball coach, who also shared his personal experiences with the students.

The analysis of the plays by Anna Viktorovna Vyakhireva, one of the most skilled and versatile players of our time, was also very enjoyable. The video material demonstrating the actions and on-court solutions of the outstanding left-handed Russian player has offered the audience many interesting details. Coaches of the women's section of NEKA – János Hajdu, Beáta Bohus, Beáta Siti and dr. Péter Woth - systematized eleven matches. The video footage compiled by video analyst Sándor Berta revealed what makes the small, but highly skilled right back of Rostov-Don and the national team so successful.

After the lunch break, the professional coaching team of the Hungarian women's youth national team summarized what led them to win a European Championship title. Head coach Szilárd Kiss jr., coach György Papp and fitness coach Martin Szücs emphasized, among other things, the importance of teamwork, the right selection, and the importance of successful fitness training as well as the significance of making the right decisions at the right time.

Experts from the men's youth national team that achieved historic success with their 5th place finish at the World Championships – head coach Krisztián Kárpáti, coach István Pásztor coach, match analyst János Füstös and fitness coach Dániel Lattenstein – also analyzed the most important components of success, with special emphasis put on the development of tactics tailor-made for the squad, the individual training of wing and line players, the importance of video analysis and fitness work.

The speakers and the professional director of the Hungarian Handball Federation Gyula Zsiga, answered questions during the final roundtable discussion of the event. All participants agreed on the need for such forums and that dialogue and exchange of information are essential to achieve common goals.

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