Roland Terjék signed to the Montpellier

2022. April 14, Thursday 11:27 | Talent Development

NEKA’s 17 year-old handball player, Roland Terjék has got one of the greatest opportunities in his life: Montpellier offered him a 3-year contract. The talented right wing was observed by the French club during a tournament, and then he was invited to a trial game in 2021. Roland took the opportunity and this week he and Andrew Kinselle team manager signed the contract.

NEKA and the leaders of Montpellier consulted about the details of a future cooperation as well. Within the agreement, other Hungarian players can get the chance of being part of the French club, which won the Champion’s League twice.

„Montpellier is one of the greatest clubs of the world and first, I was very surprised that they were interested in me. In October, my coach, Zsolt Kopornyik and I travelled to Montpellier for a few days. It was fantastic, I could have trainings with one of the teams. In the first time I was a bit shy, but they were open and it helped me a lot. They were satisfied with me, but my conditional abilities have to be improved in the future” – said Roland Terjék.  


Zsolt Kopornyik, the coach of Roland Terjék always supported his player, and emphasized that being part of Montpellier is a huge opportunity:

„Roli is really motivated, since Montpellier contacted him. He changed his lifestyle, started to learn language, his grades and training work became better. It will be a great challenge to meet the expectations, but it only depends on Roli. When we were in France, the leaders and members of Montpellier handled us as partners, it was a remarkable experience.”


The team manager of Montpellier, Andrew Kinselle and the leader of the academy, Jerome Diaz spent 3 days by NEKA, during this, they consulted about the cooperation with Tamás Mocsai, the general manager of the Hungarian National Academy of Handball.

„We are glad that a talented player joins our club. During our visit in Balatonboglár, we saw NEKA’s buildings and the perfect conditions. The infrastructure and the sports scientific background are unique here. With Tamás Mocsai, we discussed the training camps, the exchange of experiences between NEKA and Montpellier, furthermore, visits and training matches. By Montpellier, the opportunity is given to develop and be part of an adult team after a while” – said Andrew Kinselle.

Tamás Mocsai played handball for years abroad and he knows what waits for Roland Terjék. The general manager has a positive opinion in connection with the consultation with the French:  

„Montpellier is one of the most prestigious clubs and has 14 French champion titles. All of these belong to Patrice Canayer, the head coach. It is a huge pleasure that Montpellier chose Roland. The common project can be useful for both of us. Roland has the chance of getting to know another culture, mentality and language, these contribute to his development. I am sure that he will be successful and persistent.” – said Tamás Mocsai.

Photos: NEKA/Gábor Tompos


The French experts visited the buildings of NEKA and gave a presentation to NEKA’s young sportsmen about the academy of Montpellier, moreover, the system of the French youth training.


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