Sportsmen, sportswomen, relatives and NEKA-employees took part in the ceremonial opening of the year at NEKA on the 31st of July. The leaders of the institution gave speeches, after them, our...

1 year ago | Talent Development

Roland Terjék signed to the Montpellier

NEKA’s 17 year-old handball player, Roland Terjék has got one of the greatest opportunities in his life: Montpellier offered him a 3-year contract. The talented right wing was observed by the French...

2 years ago | Talent Development

Every single point has been hard-earnt

The men's team of NEKA could celebrate an outstanding success, winning his men's second division (NB I / B) Western group for the first time in the history of the academy, thus gaining promotion for...

3 years ago | Talent Development

A unique opportunity with the second division (NB I/B)

A remarkable performance has brought a bronze medal in the Western group of the women's adult second division (NB I/B) for the team of NEKA, whose young players took this unique opportunity to make...

3 years ago | Talent Development

NEKA has been awarded the title of Methodological Centre of Handball

According to the amendment to the Government Decree on Sports Academies published on 29 December 2020, methodological centres will be designated in three sports on the basis of a ministerial proposal...

3 years ago | Talent Development

Mercedes-Benz and NEKA: an honourable comparison

Christian Wolff came to Hungary several years ago with vast international experience to take over the management of the Mercedes factory in Kecskemét. During all these years, since January 2016 not...

3 years ago | Talent Development

"The academy is well on its way to international recognition"

Daring and thoughtful, he boldly cuts into missions that seem impossible to others, but he is always known to be weighing his decisions with pinpoint precision. Joerg Bauer, a German national,...

3 years ago | Talent Development

The mission of NEKA is clear and unquestioned

One of the members of the Board of Trustees of the foundation operating NEKA is Botond Szirmák, CEO of Provident Pénzügyi Zrt. (Provident Financial PLC), who started supporting the academy not only...

3 years ago | Talent Development

Where are they now? Former National Academy of Handball (NEKA) students in the top division

The players on the Boglár Academy-SZISE team who received their education by NEKA will certainly not be playing yet in the top division (NB I) for a few days, but some fomer students of the Academy do...

3 years ago | Talent Development

A big task ahead

Since the autumn, as a result of the cooperation with Szent István SE, the women's team in the first division (NB I) is assisted by a highly qualified professional staff, including coaches,...

3 years ago | Talent Development

In need of real characters

The renowned expert, Zsolt Perger, has started his duties as a goalkeeper coach at the National Academy of Handball. The former 86-time international, during his successful career as a player and...

3 years ago | Talent Development

Starting the season with renewed vigour

The 2020/2021 league season at the National Handball Academy (NEKA) started in an unusual way, since, as a contrast to previous years, we did not hold a grand opening ceremony this year, in keeping...

3 years ago | Talent Development

Uros Borzas continues in Toulouse

Uros Borzas, who has signed a two-year contract with the French team of Toulouse, can prove himself in one of the strongest handball leagues in the world from next season on. The 21-year-old playmaker...

4 years ago | Talent Development

Dániel Kecskés completing a move to Pick Szeged

Our graduating student Dániel Kecskés has been offered a fantastic opportunity. He will continue his career with the team of MOL-Pick Szeged next season. The club in the Champions League took notice...

4 years ago | Talent Development

Uplifting moments

In a festive atmosphere, on the 31st of January, the prom event (ribbon-pinning ceremony) of the Mathiász János Secondary Grammar and Technical School took place in the decorated NEKA Sports Hall.

4 years ago | Talent Development

Four more laureates

Considering the performance of NEKA handball players, our two male and two female students were recognised with the Best Academy Student of the Month award.

4 years ago | Talent Development